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Dr. Percy Aldridge, registered voter. Retired surgeon and lifelong democrat

How accurate is your voter list?

Most lists today are loaded with errors, inaccuracies and "deadwood" - the 20% of registered voters who've moved out of the district or out of this world. By contrast, Aristotle unconditionally guarantees the quality of our lists, which are built and enhanced by some of the finest data experts in the industry.

Our lists aren't just the most accurate; they're also the most comprehensive. With dozens of extra demographic, political and vote history fields, you can customize with laser accuracy. Need high-income homeowners over 50 who've given to a religious charity? No problem. And if you don't get the exact universe of households you want, you don't pay.

Put our voter lists to the ultimate test: ask us for a copy of your own voter record. See for yourself if the information Aristotle maintains is 100% accurate and enhanced. Follow these simple steps to take our challenge, at no cost or obligation. You've got nothing to lose. Except a lot of errors.

1. Create an account at Voter Lists Online
2. Do a search for your own name or household
3. Sit back and see what happens.

Take the Aristotle Challenge

Use of and access to voter list data is restricted in some jurisdictions. For information, contact a Aristotle sales representative. AZ voter data is not available on the Internet. Orders for PA voter data may be placed; however, the data will be delivered separately as it's not available for download over the Internet.

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